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Line Cut 3

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The newest cut resistant glove from Wonder Grip®, the WG-640 “Lite Cut 3” combines our signature flexibility, dexterity and grip, while EN388-2016 Level 3, ANSI 2016 A3 and ISO 13997 grade C cut resistance. Developed using our proprietary high-performance blend of reinforced nylon and glass fiber, the WG-640 “Lite Cut 3” is the ideal glove for all your applications requiring medium level cut resistance, in dry, humid and oily environments.



ART: WG-640

Coating: Micro Foam Nitrile Single Palm Coating

Liner: 13G Reinforced Nylon & Glassfiber

Color: Dark Grey

Size: 7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL


































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