We provide a personalized procurement service for the oil, gas and construction industry, working with projects plans and supplying the requirements in accordance with the programs. We assist in the forwarding and exportation documentation as well as in the shipment of the products by air or sea, port to port.

     Alliances with American companies allows Welsch's International to provide services such as underwater video recording, underwater welding, sub-bottom profile, special pipeline, and geometric tools for pipes inspection, specialized survey, etc.



     We represent our clients in major auctions of heavy equipment and construction machinery.

     Tell us your needs, and we will be happy to represent your company, or we can assist you at an auction and deliver the products to your door.


From                        To                            Commision

$1.00                       $ 100,000.00                     5%

$101,000.00         $1,000,000.00                  1% over the original $5000.00

$1,000,000.00  or more                                    Negotiable over the original$ 5,000.00




Hotel , travel and food clients expense.

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We are an import/export company founded in 1974, dedicated to providing industrial equipment and supplies for the construction and petroleum industry.


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